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Welcome to the Giant Robots section of my site. This section is about modeling not only robots, but whatever else comes my way. Below you can click the thumbnails to view my finished model kits and dioramas.

Completed in 2019 »

FichtenFoo-Errgan-TH FichtenFoo-MOTU-SK-TH FichtenFoo-MOTU-EL-TH FichtenFoo-MOTU-TK-TH FichtenFoo-MOTU-BM-TH FichtenFoo-MummCat-Thumb2 FichtenFoo-ClydeA1-thumb

Completed in 2018 »

NeoTokyo-Street-Thumb FichtenFoo-Torptile-X-Thumb

Completed in 2017 »

FichtenFoo-CyberPunkDude-th FichtenFoo-A-Proxies-thumb FichtenFoo-FoxScrounger-thu

Completed in 2016 »

fichtenfoo-stroopers-thumb fichtenfoo-int4-thumb fichtenfoo-owltengu-thumb fichtenfoo-fallenone-thumb  FichtenFoo-HOLE-small FichtenFoo-Yeti-sm FichtenFoo-WeGo1-sm

Completed in 2015 »

mushgob-small FichteFoo-DHHawkmoth-sm

Completed in 2014 »

FichtenFoo-RookWalrus-sm2 FichtenFoo-RookWalrus-sm1 FichtenFoo-KAGUTSUCHI-sm waldo1-small waldo2-small

Completed in 2013 »


Completed in 2012 »

Completed in 2011 »

Completed in 2010 »

victory-small bergeluther-small tieints-small

Completed in 2009 »

mlht-small ywing-small fichtenfoo-exia-small sinanju-small dagobah-small Falke Antigravity Armored Raider scopedog-small Lighthouse Standoff

Completed in 2008 »

Lighthouse Standoff Astraea Type F Overgoose Red Baron Overflag  Dampfrich KV-X2 VF-0S Battroid VF-0A Battroid GF Astray Hi-Zack

Completed in 2007 »

Hi-Zack Strike Noir Tallgeese One Hovertruck Diorama Martian Hovertank Briegel Slave 1

Completed in 2006 »

Deunan Knute Rick Dias M151A Mutt JGSDF Type 74 JGSDF Light Armored Vehicle MaK Raptor Zeon GM Gelgoog NT Flaptters GPM01R Tachikoma Z'Gok Mosquito Trumpeter KV2

Completed in 2005 »

Gundam Hazel Stutzer Santa Fighting Suit HGUC Hazel Shinobi Strike Gundam SD Tallgeese Round Buckler Heinrich Batman Begins Batmobile SAFS Bloodwind Krote Hamster Ball Wing Ka Vorflugkontrolle

Completed in 2004 »

PG Zaku Dio Ex-S Gundam SD Guntank ohn Deere Tractor GM Diorama Zeta Plus Gundam Mars Griffon MG

Completed in 2003 »

MG Ingram

Completed in 2002 »






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