Completed » Insect Fairies

Just as Covid started to run rampant in early 2020, I was finishing up a few finished elastic-tension ball-jointed figures I has sculpted. The Insect fairies were based on an idea I had about humans (as they so often do) misidentifying larger uncommon insects as fairies. Running with that premise I sculpted a castable master from Super Sculpey which I then molded and cast in resin. Each full figure was cast in different colors and/or with different pigments dusting the molds, some color-shifting, others dry earth tones. So far of the 7-8 I had cast, I’ve completed and sold two of. The first was one cast in white resin which I had later dyed with Rit Dyemore for synthetics. The other was cast in very dark gray after having brushed color-shifting chrome pigment into the mold. Each had a set of 3D printed wings which I had a friend create based on the original laser-cut plywood vector-art wings I had made for my Hawkmoth steampunk ornithopter kit.

I’ll post the photos I took of the finished fairies below in a gallery followed by a gallery full of progress images. These pieces were really well-received on social media and both sold quickly.

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