Completed » The Fox, Scrounger of the Waste


Since I had my photography stuff all set up, I figured I’d better take some shots of figures I worked on but never took final images of. The first is this 1/6 scale female figure. Not my best work, but a good learning experience. I showed off progress of her in Instagram a while back as she was the first figure whom I did rooted lambswool hair for. Game changer! Kind of the archetype for the Assault Proxies. Anyway, I was thinking that it might be cool to do some low-tech wasteland type figures. Civilization collapsed, technology, mostly lost, and is just starting to slowly get back on its feet. This particular character is a thief and scrounger. She explores the ancient ruins of a vast metropolis in search of anything that might fetch a good price.


I wanted to do a fox-like character without being too obvious. I cut and dip-dyed the sash to resemble a white-tip fox tail. The loops of cable on her hood are nice analogs for ears. I hammered and shaped the sword and knife myself using a hammer, anvil, Dremmel, and mini blowtorch. All the leather equipment was also hand-made using real leather and hammered rivets and eyelets. Her head is just an OOB Kumik headsculpt with factory paint. When I made her, I hadn’t quite figured out how to paint headsculpt portraits well. I designed and sewed all of her clothing as well except for the boots which I just repainted and weathered to match the rest of the leather gear.


The Fox, Scrounger of the Waste: Gallery

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