Completed » Three Cyberpunk Street Facades in 1/6 Scale


After designing the Clyde.A and sending the files to my laser-cutting vendor for production, and because my youngest daughter was watching a lot of miniature food and dollhouse videos on YouTube, I decided to make my own 1/6 scale building facades to use as a backdrop when taking future 1/6 scale figure images.


I started thee in December of 2017 and finished (mostly) in April 2018. They’re large and took quite a while, but wow, were they ever satisfying to work on. Their complexity and level of necessary detail made me step outside of my comfort zones and learn and develop a lot of new techniques to make these a reality. From concrete texturing to fake scale food.


I took soooooo many progress images and documented all of my progress. However I currently do not have time to upload, copy and paste all of it. It does all exist however along with Q&A on my Facebook and Instagram feeds. So please check those out for more info. Meanwhile, enjoy these shots of the finished Ramen-Shop, Bakery, and Public Works Shaft.

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