Digital Kit Design » The Mattone

The Mattone, Italian for “brick”, is a small, light-weight anti-gravity cycle vaguely resembling an old-school digital camera, which I designed to be used with 1/6 scale figures as an accessory. I wanted something that could look interesting as a set-piece in a small vignette or as a piece of equipment hung by a strap from a cyberpunk-styled figure’s shoulders much like a suitcase or duffel bag. Stylistically it’s a combination of futuristic sci-fi and cyberpunk mixed with 1950’s era automotive aesthetic which is especially prevalent in the lights. Large, clean side walls were designed that way purposefully to apply graphics to. Mattone enthusiasts love to make a statement with sidewall graphics much like snow and skateboarders on the underside of their boards.

The Mattone is actually quite green utilizing a small fusion reactor coupled with an emergency battery back-up. Thrust is provided by an H20-conversion reactor turbine with H20 exhaust rather than burning propellant. Waste byproducts from the reactor are minimal and easily repurposed into future fuel.

The Mattone was designed as a digital kit using Autodesk Fusion 360. Due to the rush of constantly designing new monthly content, I have not been able to assemble or clean the one print I’ve made of it. However it printed well with nice details since I always consider the intended scale/print-size when designing to maximize what can be done to make sure all of the details are crisp and not too thin or thick visually. When I do complete one, I’d like to add some large bold graphic design to the sides and use it with my original “Engineer” figure.

The Mattone was available to my upper-tier FichtenFoo Patreon subscribers as part of my monthly digital-kit drops during March 2021. After that month, the files were added to the Industria Mechanika shop as a retail-priced digital kit product. You can purchase the digital-kit files complete with instructions and print your own Mattone here.

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