In Progress » Industria Mechanika’s 1/48 Orb Ship by Scott Robertson » Paint Chipping

Almost 4 months later, but I’m back on this! In case you don’t recall, this is the Industria Mechanika release of Scott Robertson’s Orb Ship. The kit’s 2nd edition is coming up so click here to get on the notification list.

After the bare metal base coat which was covered in a layer of gloss Future Floor Acrylic, I sprayed the entire kit with hairspray. When the hairspray dried I painted the entire kit white, let it dry a few minutes, then masked off what I wanted to keep white. What was left I sprayed orange, then removed the masking.

Next I used a wet brush and plastic/wood tools to chip away at the orange and white paint revealing the natural metal underneath. Then done I did more masking for the caution stripes, numbers, and the symbol on the side of the ship. Before painting however, I applies a little liquid mask with a sponge. That way I could easily rub away the mask making the new marking chipped with the base orange color showing through.

That’s it for this update. Next I’ll start applying filters and other discoloration steps. I took this last image with a 12 inch/30cm ruler to again give you an idea of the size of this ship. HUGE!

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