Drybrushing with ‘Rub n’ Buff’

“Rub and Buff” is a silver oil/wax like substance that comes in a tube. I use the silver, but they also make other metallic colors. I bought it at Michael’s. What’s nice about it is that it doesn’t dry as fast as the Tamiya silver paint when drybrushing so I don’t waste a lot of paint.

To drybrush with Rub n’ Buff to get a slightly worn effect:

  • Paint parts to be worn. For internals on an MG kit, I use a gunmetal or a dark grey.
  • Squeeze a very small amount of Rub n’ Buff onto pallet.
  • Put a little on your brush and then brush on a paper towel to remove most of the Rub n’ Buff from your brush.
  • Lightly brush edges of painted parts with tip of brush. This will make it look like parts are worn.
  • Clearcoat when you’re done. Rub n’ Buff takes weeks to dry, but can be clearcoated right away to keep it from smudging.

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