Digital Toy Design » Rabbit Action-Figure/Doll

A few years ago I had hand-sculpted, molded and cast some elastic-tension articulated rabbit figures, most of which I had flocked and created outfits and accessories for. The molds are long gone and I still wanted to make some more of these characters so I decided to recreate the design as close as I could using Fusion 360. Fusion is not ideal for organic shapes, but if you’re patient and willing to explore the less-common features, it can be done.

The design came together very quickly and I was able to make many improvements over the original since it’s far easier to make perfect ball-joints digitally than by hand using actual clay.

I printed and assembled a bunch of these for future projects. The new design is just as articulated as the original and holds poses batter as well. Depending on whether I plan to apply flocking to these, I may have to do additional clean-up to remove the print lines. I may also clean one up and see about making a new BJD physical kit product since the BJD community rather liked these.

Left to Right: Blank cast of hand-sculpted version, new 3D printed version, flocked and clothed cast of original sculpt.

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