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I love un-fixed wings… ornithopters, birds, insects… I just can’t get enough. So I decided to try my hand once again at making a good set of feather-style wings. I have so many prototyped designs (digital and physical) that I’ve never shown off due to the degree of difficulty involved and my own anal-retentive need for perfection with them. The problem is that I always want to make them foldable, but I also want to make it into something I can produce as a kit. I can manage the former based on cosplay and engineering references as well as bird studies, but translating it to a kit that others can build turns into a nightmare. Just too many parts and delicate ones at that. I’m getting there though and meanwhile I decided to make a decent set of non-foldable wings instead and not get so caught up in functionality.

Enter the Fallen One. I was inspired by the beautiful Maleficent and Dominion character designs, then went on to make it my own dark fallen angel character.


The body is a standard 1/6 scale narrow-shoulder type from eBay. The head is from a Dam Toys figure. Boots and gloves were also pre-fab loose figure items (which I repainted) from eBay. Everything else I fabricated myself.


Wings were made primarily from popsicle sticks and canson paper for the core, then very smooth black paper for the feathers. I embossed the texture onto each individual hand-cut feather using a metal dental tool and rubber damping block. Using several feather diagrams I downloaded as well as real bird reference I applied the different sizes and shapes as needed. The wings are ball-jointed and pop into the figures back so they have a little posability, but will always be outstretched.


I made 1/6 scale patterns for the shirt, tunic, and pants based loosely on full-size patterns I found online. The hood-scarf pattern was also loosely based on real-life designs I saw on Pinterest. I am considering making myself one for this winter! The leather armor is made primarily from real leather with the exception of the gauntlets and straps where a pleather sadly worked better. The dagger and war-scythe were scratchbuilt from styrene and wood with metal bits added throughout the whole piece as needed.


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