Completed » K-H.O.L.E Heavy Laser Gunner


The K-H.O.L.E. is a naval heavy laser gunner-drone fit for operations on shore or ship’s deck. It carries a Heavy Optical Laser-Emitter useful for anti-ship and installation purposes. It has a slow fire-rate due to the back-carried generator recharge (2 sec), 3 second firing time, and 5 second cool-down using the in-weapon liquid nitrogen system. It’s beam can be focused for a narrow, longer range, piercing laser or a wider-spread blast useful for anti-personnel. It’s many eyes allow for a 360 degree field of vision and it’s eye-stalks are useful for seeing over and round obstacles without exposing its head.


For this build I wanted something with a really large head/shoulder area. I was having trouble deciding how to make him bulky without adding too much armor and then I noticed the 3A Ronin figure on my shelf and decided to steal its padded long-coat. I then scratch-built the head, gun, generator backpack, and shoulder armor from polystyrene, metal, and misc. model bits. The body is a standard cheapie which I somewhat regret (and will likely change) as the ankles are too weak to allow him to stand with the heavy gun. Paint scheme was inspired by warship and aircraft camo and also one of the MGS5 vehicle skins.


For the rest of the clothing, I designed, cut, sewed, and dyed the head-skirt and generator sleeve. Pouches were also from the Ronin figure, just dyed black. The harness was made from Offray Grosgrain ribbon dyed black and misc buckle bits. For the fatigues I was initially going to lightly dye-wash some black/grey/white urban camo clothing with blue, but while looking at some figure shops for buckles I saw the Soldier Story KSK figure and loved the blue/grey/orange/green fatigues so found a loose set on eBay for him. Boots and gloves are misc loose items I got either on eBay or at Monkey Depot.

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