Completed » Errgan [1:6 Original Figure]


I decided that it would be fun to explore the Star Wars universe and aesthetic by creation some of my own original creature and character designs that were never in any movie. My first original figure with that goal in mind is Errgan, a hairy walrus-seal like alien. Due to people asking what movie he was in while I was making him, it seems that mimicking the aesthetic was a success!


Errgan uses a 1/6 scale WorldBox Fat Male body as a base. I sculpted the head using a new flexible polymer clay called Cosclay and embedded custom glass cabochon eyes into the sculpt prior to baking. The fur on the body is a fur suit that I sewed together, while the fur on the head is rooted down with adhesive. I had to do a lot of trimming and styling as well as dirtying/staining up around the feet and wrists.


The armor was made to feel like what was work in Jabba’s palace/barge. All of the armor, belt, satchel, and holster was also made using the flexible Cosclay polymer clay, including the metal chest plate. When baked it turns into a hard rubber-like material which made it perfect for leather armor. I painted the metal chest plate, but the rest of the Cosclay was dyed a leathery brown using Rit DyeMore for synthetic fabrics. The hands and feet were dyed to match the painting I had done on the face.


The other bits, buckles, blaster, and vibro-axe were made using various pieces of polystyrene, metal, and resin leftovers. Additional fabric was used to make an obi sash under the armor as well as a scrap of scarf on the rear of the belt.

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