Completed » Assault Proxies [5 Piece LTD]


5 Piece Limited Edition. Can be purchased here while available.


A while back I decided to create a small limited run of custom female android/drone figures. The first two attempted ran into some roadblocks, but I’m glad they did because they lead to these finished pieces:


These five 1/6 scale figures use my (so far) favorite female figure body and existing boots. Heads are Kumik heads which I repainted and haired, weapons are from our upcoming Arsenal unpainted resin weapon line at Industria Mechanika. The rest was all designed and fabricated by me. The body suit was made using a white stretch fabric which I dyed “graphite”. The combat armor suit was made using a water-resistant material that I went to several JoAnns to find more of after I realized that the remnant I had initially wasn’t gonna be enough. Polymer armor and sensor pieces I constructed from styrene and putty then cast in resin before painting. Holsters are the only hold-over from my 2nd attempt and are made from eva foam sheet which I processed. The polymer armor panels on the legs are painted styrene strip. Webbing is dyed grosgrain ribbon. Then I applied decals and weathered everything as needed.

FichtenFoo-A-Proxies-02   FichtenFoo-A-Proxies-04

These are just the first of my “Proxie” ideas. I have several more in mind including a Sniper Proxie and Breach Proxie. They’ll share some stylistic elements, but have different color schemes.

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