Clear Coats with Future Floor Acrylic

Here’s another question I get asked a lot in e-mails. How do you flatten Future and what is it? Future Floor acrylic is basically just a clear acrylic that you mop onto your floor to protect it from scratches and scuffs. Somewhere along the line someone figured out you can use it as a clear coat for models.

What’s great about Future Floor Acrylic (FFA) is how versatile it is in modeling. You can use it to protect your kit, make canopies and clear parts really shine, and by mixing it with Tamiya Flat Base (FB) you can make any sheen you want for a clear-coat. Tamiya Flat Base is not a paint or clear-coat on its own, but instead, it’s an additive to make gloss paint flat or dull.

To make different clear coats, combine FFA and FB using the chart below:

After you mix your FFA and FB you can store it in an airtight jar for an extended period of time. To apply it to your model, airbrush it on your model (unthinned) in light coats. I spray a thin layer, dry it with my airbrush air-only real quick, the spray again. Check out my airbrush tutorial for more detailed info on the technique.

Do not mix more than 30% FB to FFA as you will end up with either a cloudy coat or white spots. I use an old infant medicine measuring syringe to measure out my ingredients. This is just how I do it. For more info on FFA, check out the Complete Future page by clicking here.

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