Completed » Clyde.A Autonomous Utilitor


Order the Clyde.A Full-Action 1:6 Robot Kit Exclusively at Industria Mechanika!   When I first started my company, Industria Mechanika, I fully expected to be making 6+ new kit designs a year on my own, by hand. That mindset didn’t last long thanks to collaborations and 3D printing and before…

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Completed » INT-4 Interceptor » 1/6 Scale Minirig


Every once in a while, one embarks on an epic project. Most of the time these tend to fall to the wayside, but occasionally one of them gets finished. This is one such project! Years ago, Jason Eaton challenged me to work on an up-scaled version of one of the…

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In-Progress » The Centurion 1/4 Scale Bust » More Alien Insect Paint

More progress on the first Centurion. I mottled thin black around edges and over everything really to shade and pattern as I planned. This took hours as it’s basically scribbling with thin lines from the airbrush. After the black, I added some white spots to the side of the head,…

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In-Progress » The Centurion 1/4 Scale Bust » Paint and Texture

First-up, I finished up the hollowing of the busts and made a video tutorial showing the ease and what some have described as my apparent insanity while taking a large drill to the kit… on purpose. Whatever works though! Once the drilling and clean-up was done on both pieces, I…

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