Completed » Torptilian Crew

A few years ago I started making a 1/6 scale alien with really long arms as a one-off creation. Kind of reptilian, but there was issues with the sculpt and the eyes and I put it in a drawer to figure it out later. Later came and I decided to…

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Completed » Assault Proxies [5 Piece LTD]


5 Piece Limited Edition. Can be purchased here while available.   A while back I decided to create a small limited run of custom female android/drone figures. The first two attempted ran into some roadblocks, but I’m glad they did because they lead to these finished pieces: These five 1/6…

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Completed » Tytonidae Tengu » 1/6 Scale Original Figure


Wings, wings, wings…. I mentioned in my “Fallen One” custom figure description how I’ve got a small obsession with them. This figure puts the wings on the arms as they are on birds and bats to create a unique weapon system. Combined with the creepieness of a barn owl shaped…

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Completed » The Fallen One » 1/6 Scale Custom Figure

I love un-fixed wings… ornithopters, birds, insects… I just can’t get enough. So I decided to try my hand once again at making a good set of feather-style wings. I have so many prototyped designs (digital and physical) that I’ve never shown off due to the degree of difficulty involved…

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Completed » Frankenstein

Yesterday my laser-cut foliage (thanks to Jason Eaton) arrived and I immediately set everything else aside to finish Adrian Smith’s Frankenstein up. Like the other plants, I sponged acrylics onto both sides of the paper and embossed them with dental tools. For the daisies, I used stretched sprue for the…

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In Progress » Adrian Smith’s Frankenstein by Industria Mechanika » Sprue and Paper

It’s amazing what you can do with some old green sprue and paper scraps. I’m waiting on some laser-cut plants to finish this up, but meanwhile I’ve been making some saplings and such. For these I first stretches some green sprue over a flame, then used the portions near the…

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