Completed » Masters of the Universe: Cyberpunk Villains!

Masters of the Universe… The name conjures up memories of realizing Battle-cat was green months after the show aired because being poor at the time, we only had a small black and white TV. Also fighting with my younger brother because my genius parents decided to only get him MOTU…

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For Sale » Mummified Egyptian Cats & Kittens


Purchase These Cats and Kittens on my Etsy Shop!   And now for something completely different. Usually my work is sci-fi and cyberpunk focused, but now and then I get the urge to so something different and see where it leads. I get to learn new techniques and see how…

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In Progress » Prof. FichtenFoo’s Implausible Long-Nose Submersible

My new steampunk Fish Sub model kit is about to start shipping for those that preordered it, but meanwhile, the caster sent me my advance copy to start building up. I did my last sub design in copper, but this one is begging for brass since the real fish I…

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