So busy….

Okay, I admit I’ve been REALLY freaking bad about replying to emails. I just went back through two months of emails that I flagged to reply to and hadn’t. Why though? Why did I forsake you all so? Well, first off I just had to go and open the Magic Kingdom. Yeah… that’s me and my ladies next to Mickey opening Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in early February. It rocked.

Then when I got back did I start replying to emails or working on models? No… no I didn’t. Because I suck… or something. Unless you’re a client, then I’m awesome because I spent the next month working on product designs, signage and website banners. These were for Uschi van der Rosten’s upcoming model products.

After/during that I was working on another WordPress website for an artist/screenwriter, Blake Clouser.

And now that those are done (for now) I’m back to modeling until Thursday when I get my 3rd Edition Fish subs and start packing them (and Sea Life Photoetch!) up to ship… hopefully by Monday. If you’re on the list, expect an invoice soon. If not and you want one, send me an email!

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