Rusty Texture

I was playing around with the salt and rust techniques and thanks to the inspiration from those modelers whose threads I’ll link below, I came up with the following for making an interesting rust texture.

1: Spray the part to be rusty with several shades of rust-colored paint mixes. I spray the part with a solid rust mix then randomly spray with darker tones. Finish it up with a light coat of Future Floor Acrylic to seal it.

2: Spray the part with a generous coat of hairspray then coar with kosher, then table salt. Don’t be stingy but make sure there’s gaps as well.

3: Now spray a few parts of the piece with some black-brown and follow up by spraying in other spots with some orange.

4: Dip the part in water and use a soft brush to remove all of the salt. The end result will leave a desireable rusty dextre both visual and tactile. (note: white specks are styrene beeneath and not salt… I was careless and salt IS an abrasive. Take care!

Thanks to Luca Z, vsuarez666, and Marc Reusser! How here’s some links to chipping and rust effects with various implements:

Salt (here and here too)
Liquid Mask
Or Paint Afterwards with sponges and brushes

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