My Modeling History

I’m really not sure when I “started” modeling. I remember back in 3rd grade building a “Snap Tight” Boss Hog van from the Dukes of Hazzard. Then much later in 8th grade building a Gobots Leader One kit which I got because it was really a variable Legioss from Mospedea. I used a Testors paint marker and completely messed it up with so much glue that a main joint turned soft. Then later still, I got 2 Gundam kits in 1994 right after I graduated from the Art Institute and just snapped them together and painted a few parts with cheap acrylics.

It wasn’t till much later (2001) that I really got into it. I got an SD Kampfer, 1/60 Ingram, 1/72 Hasegawa Valk and a Winged Evangelion to finish off my Kaiyodo toy collection since at the time they didn’t make a Series Eva. Those were built testing out my skills and trying to figure out what I was reading on a few modeling websites.

It wasn’t till I got my first MG in September of 2001 (Gp03s) that I began airbrushing with my old Badger 150 leftover from art school. After that it was a steady progression of kits and with each one I tried something new slowly building up my skills to what you see now. I’m still learning how to model though and always will be. There’s many techniques to master and many subjects to try out aside from my favorite which obviously is robots.

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