In Progress » Chompbot No.5 » Discolorations, Pre-Grimed

Continuing on as much as I can while waiting on the canopy and figures tests to arrive. Since the last updates I’ve applied the #5 decal, then an yellow-ochre filter, then discolored the surface with blue, rust, ochre, and white oils. I rubbed graphite onto the dark gray parts, then sealed it all with Satin FFA.

Light lenses were painted from behind with a mixture of Tamiya Clear Yellow and Clear Orange. They were glued into place with a water-thinned white glue pin-wash.

For the mouth I base-coated in an aluminum, then applied hairspray and top-coated with German Gray. Then I chipped away at the gray and buffed it all with graphite.

Next I’ll be adding some rust texture to the exhaust pipes which right now are just primed in Duplicolor Black Primer. I’ll also be adding rusty streaks coming from some of the chips.


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