In Progress » Fine Molds Y-Wing (Green Two)

As it turns out I have a few weeks before I get my speeders and Hovertank for the commissioned paint-ups. So I figure to kill the time I could probably bust out a 1/72 Fine Molds Y-Wing. I’ve been really inspired by the one that Adam Wilder painted up. Best one I’ve ever seen! Instead of going with a stock ‘gold’ scheme, I decided to make mine green. I’ll be doing some stock Y’s in the future anyway so might as well do something different. Here’s a quick Photoshop to show how the colors will work. I may end up making a different striping pattern for the green around the cockpit, but recoloring the yellow in the pic was the fastest way to go. Looks good in green too!


So I figured it’d take me all weekend to get the Y-Wing ready for paint. I spent about 3 hours on it yesterday and to my surprise, all I had left to do was sand seams and fill a few gaps which I did this morning.

I added some various blaster damage to the front of the left-hand front and on the right rear of the cockpit area. I also modified an R5 head from a 1/72 X-Wing to be used instead of the R2 head.

Initially I primed everything with dark gray Duplicolor primer. It’s very smooth and cheap at auto parts stores. However I realized that I’ll be painting it almost white to start and that the white over the dark would be a pain in the butt. So I gave it an additional coat of Duplicolor White primer.


I was hoping that the white primer over the dark would give me a sort of pre-shade and make nice shadows and it did! So my base-coat of very light warm-gray (same color used for my Maelstrom Exia “white”) will be applied thinly via airbrush and that natural shading will show through. Gotta love happy accidents.



What I’ll probably end up doing is creating some Death Star panels and turning this into a little vignette. Or perhaps I’ll make some Ties and expand it. Not sure if I’ll hold onto this piece or put it up for sale when complete. Stay tuned!

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