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So I heard about a MaK contest coming up whose deadline is the 12th of January. When did I find out? I think it was December 28th or so. Oops! I thought for a few days that it was too bad since that would be fun to participate in. Finally on the morning of the 31st I decided to put off the ScopeDog and try to build something cool in 12 days for the contest.

I decided to build up an awesome Hardboiled AFS conversion on a waterfall base with a large oak tree. Things were going smoothly until 5-days in when I was informed that the conversion kit I was using wasn’t “official” and would anger the Japanese. I had no idea when I purchased a few of them that it was considered “bad” so to the Japanese MaK community you have my apologies. While I still could enter the kit in the contest, the fallout would had been more of a mess than I wished on some friends of mine. Instead I decided to make this build purely for personal sport and see if I still could finish this in under 12 days.

When you read the progress page and look at the final images you’ll see that as usual I made something that should had been easy and quick into something way complex. Click Here for the progress and tutorials on everything I did on a day-by-day account for what ended up being a 10 day build.

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