Completed » Errgan [1:6 Original Figure]

I decided that it would be fun to explore the Star Wars universe and aesthetic by creation some of my own original creature and character designs that were never in any movie. My first original figure with that goal in mind is Errgan, a hairy walrus-seal like alien. Due to…

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Completed » INT-4 Interceptor » 1/6 Scale Minirig


Every once in a while, one embarks on an epic project. Most of the time these tend to fall to the wayside, but occasionally one of them gets finished. This is one such project! Years ago, Jason Eaton challenged me to work on an up-scaled version of one of the…

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Completed » Tytonidae Tengu » 1/6 Scale Original Figure


Wings, wings, wings…. I mentioned in my “Fallen One” custom figure description how I’ve got a small obsession with them. This figure puts the wings on the arms as they are on birds and bats to create a unique weapon system. Combined with the creepieness of a barn owl shaped…

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In Progress » The “Large Barge” » Cargo and Acrylic Madness

As you may know, I sculpt the model kit versions of Ian McQue’s airships for my model kit production company Industria Mechanika. For a while now I’ve wanted to do a large one-off showpiece as a backdrop for the smaller kits. Something to give a sense of scale and scenery…

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Completed » The Hornethopter

Here are the final images for the Hornethopter. It was a fun kit to design, build and paint and I hope the hundred of you that purchased one of the first edition releases enjoy building it up. Watch for the second edition to be on sale at Industria Mechanika.

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In Progress » The Hornethopter » More Paint

Since the last update I’ve been painting the little brass trim details. The Mr. Metal Color Brass hand-paints beautifully and buffs up to a nice sheen. I used the same toothbrush with the other metal buffing residue on it which actually makes for a nice tarnish. ponging on a little…

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