Kallamity/Industria Mechanika’s 1/35 Kastor Hovertank » Discoloration, Streaking

The Industria Mechanika/ Kallamity Kastor progress continues with the weathering steps. First up I hand-painted almost all of the smaller details that would need weathering such as vents/piping and additional rust chips. The additional rust was Vallejo applied with bits of sponge.

After that I applied a filter of German Ochre 502 Abteilung oil paints thinned with odorless turpenoid. This gives the surface a warmer tone and also creates a nice base for additional weathering layers.

Powdered graphite was applied to all of the engine details to give it a metallic look. In the next discoloration step, that powder will be blended in for a really nice grimy metal appearance.

After letting the filter dry overnight, I applied the first or two discoloration steps. The first is for faded color streaking. I applied white, blue and rust 502 Abteilung oils in dabs then blended them up and down using a flat brush dampened with odorless turpenoid.

Once that dried overnight in a hot-box (large wooden closed box with a 40 watt lightbulb for heat) I applied the next layer of dicsoloration which involves using “starship filth”, blue and rust oils to highlight and darken panels giving the craft more depth and age.

Then finally rot this update I used AK-Interactive’s Streaking Grime and Streaking Rust as well as their OIF wash products to add streaks and small pin-washes where necessary.

Next up I’ll be applying more of the AK-Interactive products, mainly their Dust Effects to create rain mark streaking and some wind generated dusting along the lower chassis.


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