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08.12.2006 » Concepts
/ Intro

What’s my secret to finishing so many kits lately? Having 3 or 4
started and having to stop while waiting on parts, decals,
etc… Then I end up having 2-3 kits that just need painted
or a few pieces worked on to finish. Anyway, while waiting
on decals for my Rick Dias, I started on my 1/100 V2 Assault.
It’s a great testbed for mobility mods and detail-ups as it
really lacks in both.

I started out by looking at the
box pictures and seeing that this thing looks
really “squat” and fat. It’s smaller
than a normal 1/100, but that’s because it’s a
smaller MS. Still though it needed some lengthening
to the thighs to thin it out a bit and make it
look cooler. In the first pic you can see the
thighs were lengthened by about 3/16″. This
small change has already impreved the silouette.
I also hollowed out the sensor looking thing on
the crotch armor and made it magnetically attach
to the base V2 crotch. I’ll be filling out that
sensor with detail and a clear lense.

In the next two images you can see
that I’ve been slicing the knees apart. I want
to put the knee armors on a joint so that they
can bend upward when the knee is bent. (see pic
4 between fingers) I’ll be doing both the Assault
knees and the plain V2 which luckily come seperately.
I’ve sliced the base V2 knees apart and will be
adding detail behind and inbetween. I did the
same thing with the rear skirt armor so that they
flip-up. (pic 2)

In the next 2 images (4 & 5)
you can see that I added a small Yellow Submarine
ball joint to the waist. The waist was one part
so I cut it in half, filled it and added the B.
Joint. Makes for a much more dynamic pose. Looks
like I’ll have to add detail to the area behind
the leg posts where I filled.

08.17.2006 » More

The V2 is coming along with most
major mods completed. I’ve filled in some gaps
on the shoulders and made new details (not visible)
that go inbetween the two claw-like parts of the
shoulder armors. The thigh lengthening worked
out well as this would look REALLY squat otherwise.
Here’s a pic.

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