In Progress » The Hornethopter » More Paint

Since the last update I’ve been painting the little brass trim details. The Mr. Metal Color Brass hand-paints beautifully and buffs up to a nice sheen. I used the same toothbrush with the other metal buffing residue on it which actually makes for a nice tarnish. ponging on a little thinned copper also helps break-up the brass color.

I painted the dashboard in brown wood-streaks and filled the gauges in with black. Then I used some 2000 grit sandpaper to remove the paint from the raised portions revealing the dash details.

Next I’ll give the parts a clear-coat and add some minor pin washes and such to pick-out details. Not going too heavy with the weathering here since it’s an aircraft of a more “civilized” age.

I’ve also been painting the figures with oil-paint which takes a while to dry. Here’s the first pass. Next I’ll add more highlights and shadows, pick-out brass details, and add black stripes to the pants.

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