In Progress » Shadow of the Minotaur » Almost there…

The sculpt is going well. I finished the beast for the most part a few days ago and baked it yesterday. I also added a lot more texture detail to the stone which really helped “sell it” I think. I had a small issue with sagging due to the CPVC frame going soft during baking. Lesson learned. After a prop-up with a fork in the neck I finished the baking. The front /top is very heavy. Since then I started on the shoulder armor, weapon, and bull-mask.Although I am kind of digging the look without it.


The weapon is a flail of sorts with a ring instead of a “stick” handle. The ring and chain will be aged bronze as seen in the attached shield image. At the end of the chain will be either 1 or 3 large stones with bronze “belts” for support. The chain is the smallest normal-looking link chain at Home Depot. I think it’s a good menacing size for this.


The mask and shoulder armor are in-progress with the mask being close to done. It’s in two parts and will be glued onto the head after painting. Small sequen gems will be added into the stone eye holes.  The shoulder armor will be glued on as well, but connected by smaller chains to the “chariot” section on it’s back.  It still needs further detailing.  The chariot or Druid haven’t been started yet.


The hands were made just an hour or 2 ago and just finished baking The left hand will be holding the slack chain.

Anyway, here’s all the pics. I really like how it’s turning out and can’t wait to get it painted and start planting grass on its back. It’ll be the chia pet from hell! (okay, the grass will be fake, but you get the idea)

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