In Progress » MG Strike Noir and Hi-Zack Commissions

10.24.07 » Sources, Concepts &
Initial Building

I was recently commissioned to build/paint
and MG Strike Noir and MG Hi-Zack. I know… weird combo!
Both are relatively easy kits and the money was right so I
agreed to do my first commission work ever.

The Strike Noir will be Out of Box and stock
color scheme except that the client wants the yellow parts
to be metallic gold.

The Hi-Zack will have some modifications such
as metal replacement pipes instead of those god-awful rubber
ones, some metal thruster bells, and again, stock colors except
the the yellow should be gold. Nothing like a little bling!

Anyway, I started the Strike Noir (SN) on Sunday
and timed how long it would take to complete. Since Sunday
I spent 8 hours and have the SN completely cut, sanded, puttied,
and ready for primer. Here’s a pic for the client:

BTW, those multi-compartment trays are ~$2 each
from IKEA and are VERY useful! Unfortunately, no lids, but
useful none the less. I have 5 of them and they’re all always
in use!

Today I’ll start cutting out the Hi-Zack (HZ).
I intend on painting them both at once. THis will make the
process quicker for me since there will be some cross-kit
colors such as the primer, reds, internal and gold part colors,
and clear coats.

10.29.07 » Primed

I finished building the Hi-Zack (easy build)
in about 7 hours. Yesterday I primed all of the parts for
both kits. I was feeling a bit sick yesterday with a runny
nose thanks to those lovable petrie dishes I call my daughters
and today I feel worse. So perhaps I’ll just wait a day or
2 to get back on this rather than make a mess in my respirator.
I sorted all the parts by what color they’ll be painted and
now I just have to wait. Here’s a pic.

11.01.07 » Gold

Thar’s gold on them thar parts! Alclad 2 Pale
Gold to be precise. Fantastic stuff. Here’s a pic at 2-3x
real-life size:

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