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Dagobah is done, so now onto the next Star Wars commission and one of my favorite scenes… HOTH! While the scenery of the ice planet shouldn’t pose as many problems as Dagobah did, it has it’s own unique challenges. I need to make a barren and mostly flat snowscape interesting, but also very very large. I estimate the base of this 1/48 scale diorama will be about 2 x 5 feet when complete. This will be covered in snow, a trench, some boulders, and of course models!

Added to the scene will be the following:

  • Two 1/48 Fine Molds Snowspeeders
  • One Resin AT-AT (close enough to 1/48 to not make much difference)
  • One AMT AT-ST heavily modified. (the possibility exists of having to mostly scratchbuild this part)
  • Two Golan Arms DF.9 Anti Infantry Batterys (Scratchbuild)
  • 1.4 FD P-Tower laser cannon (maybe) (Scratchbuild)
  • 6 or so Rebel Soldiers in Hoth Gear (Scratchbuild)
  • 1 Tauntaun with Rider (Scratchbuild)
  • Misc. Boxes, conduit, etc… (Scratchbuild)
  • And if I feel ambitions, a couple Snow Stormtroopers (Scratchbuild)

First up on the list is the DF.9 Anti Infantry Battery. Yeah… WTF is that you might ask? It’s that mushroom-shaped turret. Pretty common all over Echo Base.


When I started this I was using my Star Wars “Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology”, but it really didn’t match up with the stills I took from the movie. So I ended up mostly using the movie stills for reference, but a print-out of the Guide images for scale.

Here’s where I’m at so far. I’m *almost* done but just need to fill in some seams and whatnot. I need a few of these so will have to look into getting casts made. It’s made using a lot of styrene and a lot of bondo.


Here’s the rest of the images.

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