In Progress » Fine Molds Y-Wing (Green Two) » Chips and Filters

Since the last update I’ve added more paint details and a few filters to the Y-Wing. First-off I hand-painted more “white” chips onto the green and blue areas. I focused these around the edges of panels to better define them. I sponged on some liquid mask around the engine domes and lightly sprayed some light gray to add some chips there. Then I applied hand-painted gray chips with a thin brush and sponge here and there. I started applying some rust to some panels. Not totally happy with it, but it’ll be toned down and much better after my oil paint discolorations.


After the chipping I applied 2 coats of Sin Industries (Mig) Filter. I used Brown for White/Green camo and applied the second coat a few hours after the first as directed. This removes some of the starkness and coldness from the white/gray and warms it up a bit. Obviously it looks better in person as the difference in the pics is negligible.



Next-up: Washes and discoloration.

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