In Progress » Captured GM for Zeon Testing Purposes

06.29.2006 » Concepts
/ Intro

I wasn’t using my Gelgoog shield for my Gelgoog and had a
bunch of MG Zaku weapons lying around, I decided to make a
Zeon-Use GM out of one of my $5 MG GMs from Amazon’s legendary
sale. I’ll be doing the scheme up in green with yellow decals
and highlights. I’ll also be detailing up this piece with
lots of aluminum and option parts.

First up is the weapons done up
in the “Jeep”
. I’m beginning to love my electric drill
for polishing crappy aluminum tubing into high-polished
eye-catching upgrades. I use very fine steel wool,
then a make-up wedge “borrowed” from
my wife. You can see below the difference between
the polished and unpolished pieces.

For the MMP-80 I removed the baller
and the round “back” of the barrel with
my scribing saws. I then drilled out the holes
to make the barrel one piece that slides all the
way through. Smaller aluminm details were added

For the 280mm Bazooka, I have been
making it seperatable using more telescoping pieces
of polished aluminum tubing. More on this later
as I’ve gotten further with inserts.

07.09.2006 » More

Here’s some more progress on the
ZGM. I decided to add 2 more thrusters to the
backpack. I used them from another GM kit that
won’t be needing them. I painted them with Alclad
Polished Aluminum and painted the insides with
Tamiya Clear Orange. The clear orange actually
looks a little golden which is cool. To attach
them I mounted a ring magnet onto each side of
the backpack internals. Then I glued steel bearings
to each of the 4 bells. An extra magnet attaches
the lower bells to the top. The feet bells are
small Wave option parts painted the same way and
inserted into holes I drilled in the feet. For
the face, I painted the inside with chrome and
the outside clear part with Clear Orange.

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