In Progress » Advance of Hyakushiki

04.14.08 » Source, Concepts & Initial Scratchbuilding

This build-up is for the Advance of Zeta contest
on my forum. While the staff isn’t eligible for the normal
contest, there will be a special FFF Staff Entry award just
for fun and bragging rights.

I wanted to do an AEUG Test-Type Hyakushiki.
This is something that never existed, but it fits the contest
in the sense of taking a similar era Mobile Suit and working
it into the design-style of AoZ.

I’ll be keeping with the gold/red scheme with
a few other minor color changes. I’m creating a new backpack
and wing-binders as well as an additional maneuvering array
on the front of the shoulders as seen below. The backpack
will open to expand the booster array while the binders will
attach to the sides of that. I’m kind of doing this as I go
along based on many AoZ references I’ve aquired. Here’s some
intro pics.

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