In Progress » 1/12 Scale Mechanics

I already had the Sculpey out to make some 1/35 scale figs for another unposted project so I started these guys as well. I need some mechanics for a 1/12 scale robot kit called a Chubu Mechatrobot. It has a 1950’s look to it and is a cool design so it needs some good figs to go with it. A year or two ago I had planned to do these same three mechanics in 1/20 scale and even made the armatures for them, but never got around to it then got out of MaK so there was no need. I wanted three different and odd looking guys. One huge, one skinny & goofy, and an angry dwarf.

I started out by making the heads. Originally I screwed up and thought the kit was 1/18 scale so I made a completed angry dwarf head in that scale. I’ll save it for another project. Making heads at this scale is so much easier than my recent 1/35 attempts.

After the heads were made and lightly baked, I started on the huge African-American guy’s body. I wanted him to look like a slightly out of shape linebacker. He’s about 6.75″ tall which at 1/12 scale (1 inch = 1 foot) he’s close to 7 feet tall. Perfect! I chose bib overalls as they’d likely be more comfy on a guy that size than the coveralls the other two will be wearing. Plus it’s an excuse to show off the arms and do some strap detail. As you can see, he’s coming along. I need to fix the front pocket, add the metal details for the buckles and such and finish the legs and feet. as well as add other details and refinements. He’ll be slinging a very large wrench over his shoulder.

I haven’t started the bodies of the other two yet. The skinny guy will be bend over looking at something on the robot that he just “fixed”. The dwarf (who owns the shop) will be shaking his fists in the air and will likely have a large oil stain splattered down the front of his clothes thanks to the skinny guy. The big guy will be looking at the screw-up as if waiting for the skinny guy to get fired.

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