In Progress » ‘Futuristic’ Prototype 01 Vincent » Seedy Garbage

At this point I’m about 95% done with the base. All I have left to do is to put a nice wooden edge around the plywood base and add some “to be determined” effects from Vincent when he’s done. He’ll also need some holes drilled to pin him to the base.

I decided to fill in a small block of space with a steel parking barrier filled with concrete. It was a brass tube which after painting/weathering was filled with a little bit of my plaster/grit mix. The reflector was made from a slice of clear sprue which I grooved the back of and painted to get the diamond texture reflectors have. Weeds were added to the retaining block box. The bottles were made from clear stretched sprue and acrylic, then painted/decaled.

Toilet tissue was used for the wads of paper and the red cloth. Paper cups were printed out and glued together. The stray and cigatete butts were made from 1/2 round and rod styrene. plastic sheet trash was plastic wrap sprayed with a mixture of flat FFA plus Tamiya Earth. Lightbulbs are BB shot painted and dusted. And lastly, bird poop is acrylic paint. Lots of pics:

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