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About The Kit»

This is the Bandai 1/35 scale Batmobile from the movie
Batman Begins. The kit was a very easy build and I managed to finish
it in one week. The kit did not come with a figure so I modified
a 1/35 scale soldier to be Batman using Magic Sculpt. I also created
a Bat-Cave road style display base to make a small diorama.

One new thing I tried was adding colored light to
my photographs. I accomplished this by wiring up 3 blue LEDs and
shining them onto the kit from the left. They were a little strong
so I filtered them out using some frosted acetate. I like how the
pics turned out and will have to try this technique again in the

I suggest reading through the in-progress
for more details on the build. It’s detailed and documents
the thought and construction process from start to finish. It’s
full of useful tips!

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