Completed » Neighborhood Watch


The Story »

The boom town had seen better days. In recent years due to its ideal location, it had become a hub for trading and business. Its population grew and it was on its way to becoming a sprawling city. That was before the revolution. Fighting between the Strahl Demokratische Republik and Earths mercenary army had reached their borders almost without warning. Much of the civilian population was caught up in the opening salvos. Many did not escape with their lives. In the end, the SDR took control of the area. Instead of vendors, shoppers, and laborers, the driverless assault scout light tanks known as Kröte now roamed the streets. Its electronic eyes watching for any signs of life, then killing without prejudice.

About The Build »

The Kröte was a lot of fun since it gave me a good opportunity to play with some realistic weathering and a terrestrial themed base to work on as well. Out of all my kits I’ve done, I think this is the one I’m most proud of so far. I really got to explore a lot of different skills in completeing this kit and also learned some new techniques that didn’t work well for Gundam modeling. But that is comparing apples to oranges. Different scales make for new and interesting challenges.

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