Completed » MS-09 Dom


About the Build »

This is my MG Dom. I decided to do a few customizations
to it to enhance the look.

  • I added roll-bars onto the shoulders,
    feet, and knees.
  • Propellant tanks were added to the backpack.
  • Vents were added to the feet.
  • Straps were added to the sides of the
    legs and holes were drilled for the sturmfausts.
  • Rivets were added in various places all
    over the MS.

Paint-wise it doesn’t deviate too much from the original
Dom scheme. Chest colors were swapped a bit, the purple has a slight
fractal camo scheme, rust-orange was used instead of red for the
mask and tanks, and very light gray was used as a highlight color
for the elbows, knees, chest flash, and rollbars.

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