Completed » MG Chars Zaku 2.0

This makes three in my MGX4 challenge. (click the logo) Now I just need to do one more before April 30th and I win nothing but the satisfaction of building a bunch of kits in a short period of time. Yay me.

Anyway, this is the Master Grade Zaku 2.0 in Char Aznables custom colors. Originally I was going to do this for myself in a different scheme, but I got an offer on it to build it as a Char version and it turned into a commission. I snapped some quick images without any pose because I don’t want to accidentally scratch the paint before shipping it out.

As for what I did to this one…

  • Replaced all bells with Mechaskunk and Ako Creations Aluminum thruster bells.
  • Replaced pipe bead insides with springs.
  • Applied Ako Creation Metal Transfers (awesome BTW!)
  • Added vernier to front chest.
  • Replaced eye with SP Eye metal part and Aurora Sticker
  • Replaced weapon lenses with Aurora stickers
  • Internals painted in mixtures of Mr. Color (Gunmetal and Titanium/Brass)
  • Bandai and HiQ decals
  • Mechaskunk screws for shield inside
  • Aluminum shoulder spikes

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