Completed » God Gundam


About the Build

I had been wanting to try out a metallic finish on a kit for a while, but knew I needed a kit with some flair to pull it off. It just seemed fitting for this particular kit. I sprayed down a coat of Tamiya chrome silver and then several coats of Tamiya clear red. The blue and yellow were left unmetallic. The frame is a mixture of Tamiya gunmetal and Tamiya flat blue. It gave the innards a rather  eat-o blue gunmetal finish.

It’s a basic build without messing with the seam lines. This is due to my wanting to be able to remove the armor and play with the
“fighting action frame”, another reason I chose this kit. The funny thing is… I’ve never removed the armor.

The figure was painted with Tamiya acrylics as well. The lines on the coat were done with a #2 pencil. I completed this kit in  May/June of 2002 during my “stock colors” phase.

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