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About The Kit »

The Gelgoog NT is a late-war variant of the Zeon MS-14 Gelgoog Mobile Suit modified for use by newtypes. Modifications to the original design include three funnel bits stored on top of Zaku-style shield, magnetic coated joints for more mobility, forearm mounted cannon, forearm mounted electrified chain-whip, and additional thruster power. This model uses a modified Ex-T2-2
beam bazooka (normally used by the Rick-Dom MS) for heavy fire-power for anti-ship warfare.

About the Build »

For a long time I really wasn’t too fond of the Gelgoog. Seeing some variants at Jeep’s website changed my mind however on the design. On his homepage he had a thumbnail, but no additional images, of a S.M. Gelgoog. I loved how it looked so decided to base mine off what I could gather from the teeny pic. Below is what I did to modify the original kit:

  • Lit up mono-eye with 3mm blue LED and 3v lithium watch-size battery stored in chest with push toggle switch. Backpack must be removed to switch on/off.
  • MechaSkunk Beads were used to detail the armor and simulate small verniers.
  • Modified ankles pistons
  • Added blast plates to backpack main thruster boxes.
  • Replaced plastic tube with chromed springs on backpack and bazooka
  • Spun all thruster bells on my drill (used like a lathe) and sharpened the edges with a razor to create thinner looking walls.
  • Added details to all verniers in the way of additional bells, beads, and tubes.
  • Modified right forearm to house slug-cannon made from various option parts.
  • Modified left forearm to be electrified chain-whip using MechaSkunk chain, styrene and other option parts.
  • Drilled/cut open soles of feet to detail thruster bells.
  • Used 2 Zaku shields to create an extra wide shield. Shield mounted with aluminum tubeing. Pistons made from magnets, steel bearings, and aluminum tubing.
  • Bazooka nozzel modified using styrene and aluminum tubing. Tubes and wires replaced with snake-chain and springs.
  • Bazooka sensor/scope modified using large wave-eye and round vernier
  • All aluminum tubing polished to a shine using drill and steel wool.
  • Custom Color Scheme (very light and very dark gray)
  • Custom Decals designed by me.
  • More!!!

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