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A while back I promised to help a friend of mine, Matt Tomczek with his website. He was going to throw some ideas and art together and have me create a template for him to put all of his content into. Many months went by while waiting for him to have the time to do that. Last week I was playing around with some WordPress theme designs and showed him a retro computer based one I was working on. He loved the idea and asked if he could have it for his design with a few changes such as changing the main color from a blue-green to orange.

We decided that a WordPress-based site would be perfect for his needs and he came up with the title RmOS ver 1.0 (Robot modeling Operating System). WordPress is a blog-tool, but is very customizable in order to make it fantastic for almost anyones web needs. It allows the site owner to easily add and edit content without having to know much at all about web design. (Not that Matt doesn’t know his way around some HTML. ) Visit the site »


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