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Below are a few logo designs I’ve done recently. With both designs I’ve added my origianl thumbnail ideas so that you can see the processes that went into creating the final look.

Model Builders

The first I did a while back for Model Builders, Marc Havican/FilmMkr’s website. He wanted something very 3D looking and glassy. After I sent him the initial designs we went on to create the final version by mixing a few designs together. The Logo was created as a vector file  in Flash, but taken to Photoshop for the glassy effects.



Scale Model HQ

After seeing the Model Builders logo above, a friend of Mr. Havican’s contacted me regarding creating a logo for his website. He loved the glass look of Marc’s and wanted a similar finish. He already knew that he wanted the words formatted as seen below, scale above model and next to HQ, but the rest was up to me. I asked if he was interested in any imagery with the logo and he mentioned several modeling tools that he wouldn’t mind seeing. I sent him the thumbnails and he chose the one with the airbrush as the Q’s line. He wanted to see the HQ in a serif font though. So after a few more revisions with the font and colors, the logo was finalized as seen below. He (and his wife) were very happy with the result. While seen here over my background color, this logo will be placed over a black background I’m told as soon as his site is completed.


Scale Model HQ ideas

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