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09.29.07» Sources, Concepts &
Initial Building

up is a favorite design of mine. Yeah, the anime was totally
emo, and this isn’t necessarily a mecha, but it’s big, evil-looking,
purple, and bad-ass. I’ve been wanting to do one of these
PG Evas since it came out, but heard bad things about the
rubber parts so I avoided it. Then I saw an image of a white
eva 01
which made me think twice. I searched and searched
and eventually found a site with a few more of this exact
same Eva 01 on the last page of a massive google search, (see
reference links on the right of this page) but in the stock
colors and later found out all 3 are a rare resin kit.

What’s interesting and great about those rare
resin kits are the woven parts for the arms, knees and waist
instead of the solid rubber/black. After some more searching
I found a retailer for braided nylon sleeving in black and
ordered some in various widths (from 1/8″-1 3/4″)
to replace the rubber bits with. Since this sleeving (which
hasn’t arrived yet) is supposed to be expandable, I think
it’ll conform nicely to the shape of the arms and such after
I add some muscular bulk underneath to give it some definition
and muscle tone. Hopefully that works out.

The kit itself is quite massive. I knew it’d
be big, but it’s bigger than I had expected. While waiting
on the nylon sleeving I’ve started on some of the initial
pre-building and modifications. I really like the additions
to that resin Eva 01 so I’m basing some of my mods on that.
Extra latch-looking parts for one. I’m also extending the
knee and forearm “armors”. I split the feet and
made the toes a little bulkier with a raised lip. More tread
was added around the edge of the soles as well.

The pallet gun is pretty nice so I’ll just be
making a few cosmetic modifications to it. The knives though
look a little small and unmeanacing. I decided to scratchbuild
a new knife, giving it more curves and making it a little
larger. My plan is to recast it to use the blade on another
project and to make several of these knives.

I’ll also be scratchbuilding some additional
weapons that didn’t come with the PG such as the positron
gun. I’m using a Unit 1 load out pic and a smaller version
from a Kyodo toy as reference.

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