In Progress » Orbital Frame: Ardjet

11.15.2006» Concepts

Zone of the Enders and ZOE2 The Second Runner
(Anubis) are my favorite giant robot video games. I always
wanted a kit of an Orbital Frame (OF) but those that exist
are not very easy to aquire. I was fortunate to recently aquire
an Anubis OF but all others are out of reach at the moment.
Therefor I decided that it was time to start making my own.

I decided to start with Adrjet from ZOE2. A
sleek looking OF that has a Geisha-style to it. It’s a beautiful
design even though it has that standard “cockpit”.
Below and to the right are a few images of the design. These
are actually all I have to go off of aside from a few bad
screen captures to sculpt this. The versions on my HD are
much larger than what you see here.

11.15.2006 » Construction

Here’s a few shots of what I’ve done so far.
I’m using a styrene and metal frame and sculpting it mostly
from Majic Sculpt and Aves Apoxy Sculpt. A few bits are made
from styrene and misc. objects such as buttons for the hip
circles, but not many.

11.18.2006 » Shaping

It probably doesn’t look like I did much here,
but looking closely you can see that there’s been some good
progress in the shaping department. Before I can start the
detailing, I first need to get the basic shape of the unarmored
body down and smoothed out. I’ve been slowly bulking up the
upper legs and butt, shaped the shoulders, neck, and back,
added more definition to the breasts, and more ods and ends.
I decided that to get the shape of the upper legs and lower
torso right that this would need to be fix-posed. So there’s
the pose based on the image at the top right of this page.
More progress soon…

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