In Progress » Fine Molds Y-Wing (Green Two) » Scheme

Last night I started painting the Y-wing. First I sprayed it all with a thin coat of off-white Tamiya Acrylics. After curing for an hour or so I started masking for the markings. For the straight and curved lines I used 1mm strips of Tamiya Tape. That gave a nice clean edge. For the larger areas I just brushed on the 502 Abteilung (Mig) Liquid Mask. To make the chips I used a piece of sponge and sponged on liquid mask before spraying the green, blue and gray. I may add some more green markings to the engine pod tips. Not sure if I’ll just add sponged on green chips or if I’ll add stripes too. Aside from that I need to hand-brush some clean-up around parts of the pods painted German Grey.




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