In Progress » ‘Futuristic’ Prototype 01 Vincent » Rusted

Since the last update I’ve been applying the various fading, discoloration and rust techniques using oil paints as well as chipping up and aging the chrome finish. First a flat coat of Future Floor Acrylic was applied over all the parts including the chrome. This seals all the prior layers and significantly dulled the chrome. A fine sponge was used along with Vallejo dark rust, red leather, and dark gray to apply the small speckled chips to the chrome. Once that was dry I applied filters (tan) and then oil paint discoloration using white, rust, dirt, and blue oil paints.

Once these had a few days to dry I sprayed on another flat coat and began applying the rust streaks with 502 oils Light and Dark Rust and Shadow Brown. A little ochre was added in some of the larger rust areas for more variety to the tones.

The next day (today) I put a cotton swab in my dremmel, and on the lowest speed buffed the chrome pieces lightly to get some of the shine back. This worked really well as long as you keep moving and keep the spin as slow as possible as to not eat through the paint layers. Occasionally I applied some SnJ aluminum powder to the swab for some extra shine.

Next up pigment effects, but the paints need till Monday at least to dry. Wahhh! Here’s before the rust/polish.

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