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A few years back I started a small mars hovertank based on the look of the trackball vehitle contest entries based on Kow’s works. (SF3D/MaK) THat wasn’t a miserable failure as I learned a thing ot two, but I never did finish that project. While looking through my spares bin I saw a pair of PG Wing Zero Custom wings and thought they’d make a nice base for the shell of a new attempt. The result can be seen by clicking the image above and by looking at my inprogress images.

Thanks to Luca Z for the scratchbuilding inspiration and to Mig Jiminez and Jenny for telling me that my original stowage looked like “crap” and it could look better if molded to the hull more. That was great advice and helped a lot! Now lets get NASA to send us to Mars for real and not just in our collective imagination!

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