Completed » Markov Racer

It took a little longer than I had planned but I’ve finally took completed images of Alb-Lab’s Markov Racer. As seen in the in-progress posts below, this particular racer was sponsored by this very website! Pretty swanky eh? You know you’ve made it when you can sponsor an anti-gravity racing event.

Once the final clear coats had cured and were wet-sanded with 6000 and 8000 grit micromesh, I polished the whole body with Tamiya Polishing Compound: Finish which gave it a fantastic mirror-like gloss. The only drawback of course is dust. Ugh… I dusted the model before pics and there’s still dust in the pics. Oh well…

I added some damage to the left front intake as if it had hit another racer accidentally. Some metal, paint, and decal scraping can be seen and blue paint from the other racer stuck to this craft. Small clear blue and red lenses were added to the sides of the craft as lights. Here’s the pics:

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