Author Topic: First Build: Just a HGUC Gogg ;)  (Read 2366 times)

June 18, 2008, 02:44:29 PM
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Well this is the first kit that i actually took time and effort and used the techniques that i have learned to finish it. Up until now I had always just snapped the kits together and just didn't take very much care of them. I guess i cheated cause I got prob. the easiest model to build, but hey I'd rather screw up on this $3 thing than somethin else  ;)

Anyways, my first attempt at airbrushing, fixing seams, ect. Criticism is more than welcome.

June 18, 2008, 04:57:28 PM
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Excuse me for going in depth but amphibious HGUC kits are my specialty. It's not too bad, the masking on the chest is notable, it is quite good for your first painted kit. And your removal of the seams on the hands is very good, they are a real bitch and you did a perfect job there. I don't think that painting the joints in the arms was necessary. I noticed, but most won't. A more dynamic pose could probably show it off better.

The actual paint is not so good though. Of course you know about the scratches in the joints. They are inevitable but you seem to have a lot of them. I wonder if perhaps you didn't topcoat the kit after paint or perhaps you put the paint on following primer too quickly. That tends to make paint very prone to chipping.

Also the texture of the paint is not very good. I am pretty sure that was not the effect you were going for and by the looks of it your paint is probably too thick. Or it might be flashing which is when it dries in the air before it hits the model, but that doesn't happen with acrylics (which I guess you're using). If the texture comes from the primer you should sand the model lightly with 600 or so sandpaper to make the surface more smooth and then do a basecoat. If it is in fact from primer you are either using a primer that has particles that are too large (automotive high build primer) or you are spraying too close to other drying pieces and the particles from the overspray are settling into the other wet pieces and giving them a rough texture.

A flat coat on top would help to hide the rough texture, as it stands it is sort of semi-gloss and so it is quite noticeable. Other than that it is a really great first kit. You should put it on your shelf with pride and confidently go into your next kit. I recommend HGUC Z'Gok or Acguy since you did so well with this. Maybe give panel lines a try on your next one too.  ^_^

Oh one last thing. The thrusters on this kit suck because of the nip marks being right in the center. If you take them out and cut the D shape peg that goes into the backpack into a more O like shape the thrusters will be tight enough to hold in place and you can spin them to hide your mistakes.