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Model In-Progress / Leviathan Mortis DreamForge-Games First cast and build
« on: December 11, 2010, 06:54:15 PM »
Rather than resurrect a dead post, I thought I would start fresh and show a completed model. This is the Leviathan Mortis. He stands roughly 8.5” tall at the shoulders. You can see a 30mm mini in one of the shots.

I hate the fact I did not have a chance to properly prep or paint the model due to time constraints, but this should give you a fair idea of the kit.

P.S. I'm still hunting for a contract caster to produce this kit... drop me an email or PM

All the best,
Mark Mondragon

Here is my most recent project. I designed it in CAD (Rhino 3d) and had it printed on an Objet printer.
Lots of clean up to be done as the printing process leaves stepping on the surface.

I'll post updates to the process here as well as model build-up and painting progress.

CAD model Render


All the best,
Mark Mondragon

Model Talk / Resin Casting Services?
« on: April 15, 2010, 11:31:29 AM »
Can anyone recommend a resin casting service they have used? I have a kit I would like to get into production but I wanted to use someone who does good reliable work. I'm here in the states but would not mind working with our brothers across the sea.

I can do it myself but I would rather move it out of house so that I can expand my product line.

PM me if you would rather not have it broadcast publicly.

All the best,

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